Project Titan

I’ve been a bit quite lately so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to; as it looks like I stand a good chance of getting Fido finished in the next week or so. Here are some pics of the build so far. This has been made from the DIY-Warhound-Titan-Plans-Template.pdf you can find on line, Although I have modified some parts of the design.

Head and Hull

I start by building the head and Vulcan mega bolter. reasoning these would make good terain if I didn’t get the project finished. These were made from card. I realised card would not be great for hanging PVC pise from so then constructed the hull and shoulder pads from card.



I made the foot from a core of Foam Board and then made the toes from card. I now regret this as the tows are a bit too week and don’t hold the model to the base very well.


I’ve now made the second foot and have started on the leg. The leg looked good at this stage :(


Once I’d got the second leg made I headed down the the hardware store and bought some pipe joint’s. I got 6 for £5. These pipe are bigger than the ones on the template but were all I could get. I’ve used milk bottle tops and screw caps on the ends of the pipes. I had to set the legs twice. Once the pipe had been added I found the foam board joint to the foot count take the weight at the diagonal angle. So I reversed the joint to have the legs in a run pose. I also found there wasn’t enough strength in the contact between the foam board and the plastic pips once the super glue had melted it. PVA glue might have worked? but I didn’t have time for letting the bits set one by one. I covered the ends of the foam board sections with card. This increase the contact with the plastic as it will warp to shape and held the legs well. The mid leg section is the top leg section from the template. I didn’t like the look of the middle template and wanted to give the titan a more dynamic pose. Given the increase size of the pipes I have used the non use of the middle template and the pose, the titan stands about 2″ over the Forge World model. Although by tilting the body I have got the guns and head to the right height. One on the sholder pads has dropped so I’ll need to reposition that.

Next post should contain some guns and some more detain on the model.