Rumours: Dark Angels HQ’s and Elites

HQ’s and Elites

via Stickmonkey on Bols
Azrael – Artificer or Terminator options. New model. Lions Helm grants 3+ Inv., Lion’s Wrath grants Gets Hot rerolls (army-wide?), Master crafted Plasma Blaster (see Horus Heresy book?), Sword of Secrets is Sx2 Master Crafted Power weapon. Watcher in the Dark model is W:1 5+ Inv, with no other stats. It cannot be targeted by anything including blasts, and must stay within 2″ of Azrael or is removed. Watcher can take Look Out Sirs.

Belial – Terminator armor. New model. Eternal Warrior 2+ Inv!!! Grants Elites Deathwing Termys Heroic Intervention if he is attached. Cannot take options, Master Crafted Strombolter. Sword of Secrets is a Relic Blade with an additional effect. Belian grants a buff to Termys within 6″.

Sammael – If mounted in his Speeder, unlocks scoring Speeders. Can also take his normal bike.

Azmodai – Current model (finecast) Unlocks no units. His Litanies grants a longer ranged more potent buff.

Ezekiel – Current model (finecast), Psyker Level 3

Barakiel – Master of the Forge. Armed with a “Reaper Cannon” – 36″ S:5 Assault (6 or 12?) AP:3 Extremely Expensive in points.

Librarian – Power Level 1 (upgrade to 2)
Company Master – Power Armor, or Terminator armor
Interrogator Chaplain
Command/Honor squad Terminators or Bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, Apothecary, Standard bearer, 1x Heavy weapon upgrades. W:2 regardless of armor, or bikes.

Chaplains / Brother-Interrogators – Unit size 1-3. Chaplain style death masks, dual bolt pistols and power maul. (can upgrade pistols). B-I have an increased BS over regular chaplains and can operate independantly as IC or join units, B-I only buff the unit they join with litanies (more potent version), while non-upgraded chaplains buff a 6″ bubble. B-I are only characters if independent, and cannot leave attached units (similar to Wolfguard).

Inner Circle Unit Terminator armor. W:1, Heroic Intervention if Belial is attached to the unit. WS/BS 5. They get a cover save upon deepstriking. “Lion-themed” visually. Entire unit can purchase Sergeant upgrades. No heavy weapons, Unit max size:5. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit

Dreadnought – Venerable and Mortis options. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit.

Scouts – Land Speeder Storm as dedicated transport. “Markerlight” effect targets one enemy unit – other Dark Angels units then get a bonus (reroll to hit?) versus the unit as long as the Scouts are within line of sight to thier “Fallen” target. Teleport Homer. Sergeant Namaan (WOOHOO!!) returns, granting Reserve rerolls to all Death Wing units.